Monday, January 21, 2013

Economic Tragedy Under Islamic Regime in Iran !

Islamic regime ,The inefficient Governing System !
Iran could have strong economy but corrupted Islamic regime officials mostly clergies and ayatollahs ruined the economy, and day after day the economic situation in Iran is becoming worse.According to a report around 300 influential people owe huge amounts of money they have borrowed from the bank but are unwilling to pay it back. The report indicate some of them are members of parliament & Government officials.Most of us know about past financial embezzlement including the ( 3000 Billion Tuman = $3 Billion Dollar embezzlement).

During 7 years of Ahmadinejad's Government,the Government Earned more than 700 Billion Dollar from Oil revenue but no one knows what had happened to this money ,even the parliament is unable to ask the Government what it did with this money?!! Here are a few statistics on the economic related situation in Iran.
These are Government statistics:
More than 4,000,000 Iranian jobless.
More than 6,000,000 Iranian people are under poverty line .
More than 3,700,000 are addicted to drugs that are distributed by "Sepah Pasdaran " ( According to one report).
Inflation between 35%-50%
Closure in 67% of  industries.
Parliament announced, the Government has 54, 000 Billion Tuman shortage in budget .
Internal flight rate increased up to 60%-70% .

To be continued....


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