Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Islamic regime in Iran and the way it treats writers ,bloggers ,journalists, human rights defenders ,human rights lawyers and .......

Look at this picture, he is not a criminal ,he is a writer and blogger .
His name is Mohammad Reza pourshajari with a pen name as ( Siamak Mehr).Like thousands of other Iranian freedom lovers ,Siamak was also arrested by security forces of the Islamic Republic for his critical opinion and writings. Siamak is currently in "Ghazal-hesar" prison and suffers from severe heart conditions and according to his daughter Mitra , in past weeks he was unable to walk and anytime his heart may stop and his life will end in prison.On Monday the prison officials sent him to hospital and Doctor Amjadi visited him and said; he is unable to bear the prison sentence and he need medical treatment now.

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