Monday, January 14, 2013

Asgar Oladi General Secretary of " Jebhe Peirovane Imam va Khate Rahbari" : "Mousavi and Karoubi are not criminals" !

Asgar Oladi in support of Mousavi-Karoubi and Rafsanjani:
Mousavi -Karoubi are not criminals & Some think Islamic Republic got Hashemi Rafsanjani without a cost !
Asgar Oladi is known for his longstanding in financial and political support for Khomeini since even before the Revolution and went to jail by Shah's regime , he is so known as trade official after the revolution, also known as former head of "Motalefeh" party and one of the influential person in " Bazar " movement, and he is currently the General Secretary of the "followers of Khomeini- Khamenei's path" . Recently he made a  comment , he believes Mr. Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mr. Mehdi Karoubi are not criminal as many in the repression side ( Khamenei- Sepah- Basij, Ayatollah Mesbah and his followers,Jebhe Paydari,Ahmadinejad and....believe ).
According to a report by ISNA, Mr. Asgar Oladi Said ; "As a member of jury, i say Mousavi and Karoubi are not criminals."
Mr. Asgar Oladi calls Mousavi and Karoubi as his brothers .
Hashemi Rafsanjani is known for his limited support for Green Movement including his, wife, son Mehdi and  daughter Faezeh ( currently in jail ). Since the Green Movement uprising in 2009 right after the presidential election coup, Hashemi Rafsanjani spoke about the freedom of political prisoners , freedom of expression and now ,he spoke about the " free election" !!!??? Which brought Khamenei's reaction and in response ,Khamenei said; some create a situation as if the elections up to now were not free.!!!???

At the same time Mr. Naser Shabani a Revolutionary Guard Commander speaking with "Ghanoon " newspaper ,answering on a question about the comment of Mr. Asgar Oladi said: " A friend at this time may become an enemy tomorrow " .!!???



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