Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ahmadinejad's Gov't , Total failure & Tragic in Economic Policy !

After 700 Billion Dollar earning just from Oil revenue in 6-7 years,Ahmadinejad's Gov't is a Total Failure ! Iranian Peoples had enough and are fed up with this entire Islamic regime.    
Sanction gradually shows its effects and economic pressure goes directly aims on Iranian people and not the regime officials or people in top echelon.Once again since aftermath of revolution ,regime has started distribution of rice and chicken ( this item was either unavailable or very expensive last summer).

Tragic economic situation in Iran via Statistics :

International Monetary Fund : Iran is in top fourth place among 184 countries with 27% Inflation.

80% of Iranian Economy depends on Oil .

At present  40%-50% decrease in Oil income.

490 companies are under sanction ,most of these companies are belong to either "Sepah" or Gov't officials.

Closure of 60%-70% of factories in Iran and the rest work with 30% capacity .  

Mr. Tavakoli member of Parliament in Iran: Devaluation of National Money up to 55%.

Doctor Hossein Raghfar an Iranian Economic Expert : Absolute Poverty is between 25% - 35% .Every year 2% is added up to the population of poverty .

Decrease in production of automobile up to 60%-80%.

Closure of up to 110 companies producing Auto Parts.


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