Thursday, January 31, 2013

More Assault on Journalists and....

More and more arrests occurs in the streets -workplace or at home daily in Iran . For now regime is busy targeting the journalists, bloggers and those with social media connections to silence them. This is happening because of regime's fear for their important role in the coming 11th presidential election on June 12,2013. News from Iran indicate that; officials are more and more talking on their power ability to control the situation and usually in this kind of situation more public hanging take place to scare people and increase in national holidays aims to decrease big city's from its population.Regime does all these tactics to continue to stay in power a bit longer. The Iranian society talk about the coming birth of a new situation and when this will take place no one knows . It seems not only the Iranian people but also the world expect soon the peoples power will shake this regime.

News from Iran......

Reyhaneh Tabatabaei a journalist for reformists newspaper is arrested today ( Thursday Jan.31,2013) in Tehran.In the past Ms. Tabatabaei was arrested and spent 40 days in " Band Do-Alef Sepah" (solitary confinement) in Evin prison.
Reyhaneh Tabatabaei is journalist of Sharq Newspaper .She also worked in other newspaper as well.

In another news Mrs.Fatemeh Sagharchi editor of "Jamaran" website is also arrested on last Saturday at 8:00pm in her home. She was former manger of  the "Center for Strategic investigation " library.



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