Friday, March 29, 2013

Asgar-Oladi : The problem of Musavi and Karoubi is a lock if not opened will become problem for the coming election !

Habibolah Asgar-Oladi is a powerful follower of Khomeini during the regime of Shah who have spent years in prison before revolution and was appointed as International trade Minister after the revolution and a strong man of Bazar ( Persian classic Market). In recent months he became critical to the regime on the issue of Musavi and Karoubi's house arrest and he believes that Karoubi and Musavi aren't part of the " Fetneh" or ( sedition) in 2009 Iranian people's uprising against presidential coup.On March 26 he said again: "The issue of Musavi and Karoubi are like a lock if not opened will cause problem for the coming presidential election."
his comments brought many pro-con discussion in the Islamic Republic medias.

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