Friday, March 08, 2013

Islamic Republic regime in Iran is planning to hold a presidential election without independent journalists !

Security forces of the Ministry of Information almost in every provinces of Iran has assaulted on independent media and independent journalists, journalists have been arrested in mass and detained and some were released with heavy bail and threat of keeping quiet and not getting involved in the coming presidential election.Some of the journalists recently have left Iran for fear of persecution and arrest and imprisonment.
according to a report in the past two days, two Kurdish journalists ( Khosro Kurdpour editor of Mokrian News Agency and Qasem Ahmadi editor of Rojo a student publication ) and at least ten human rights activist were arrested in Iran.Mr. Khosro Kurdpour was arrested by security forces on Thursday at his home and Mr. Qasem Ahmadi was arrested after a summon and attendance at Ministry of Information In the city of Mahabad .

Among those arrested are five labor activist from the city of Mahabad and Sanandaj. Those arrested are:
Khaled Hoseini, Hamed Mohammad Nejad,Ali Azadi , Vafa Qaderi and Behzad Farajolahi . They were arrested on Thursday at their home and workplace by security forces.
regime's security forces earlier also arrested Farzad Samani student activist and his brother Farouq Samani a human rights activist and Rasoul Khazremorovat a cultural activist .

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