Sunday, April 14, 2013

Increasing Fear among Islamic regime officials from People's Protest during Presidential Election ...

These are news covered These days .....

1- Khamenei leader of the Islamic Republic in Iran speaking to pilgrims in the city of Mashhad-

Emphasize by the leader of the Islamic Republic on coming election on June 12- excerpts from speech  :
-Emphasize on Political calmness
-Safeguarding the security of the country
-The 2009 events ( presidential coup and peoples street protest with slogan : Where is my vote) have began from where a few didn't wanted to obey the law and lead the people to street revolt .
-In a few months we have election and all officials must try to calm the political situation of the country and not to let the situation to become turbulent.
- Sometimes a word or ill considered action may cause turbulent in the political environment.

2- Firoozabadi commander of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic-

Firoozabadi warned officials not to create tension. 
Officials must pay attention to the depth of the hostility of those who are not with the system and Not to do something which may bring tension among the society.

3- Yahya Rahimsafav senior adviser to Khamenei and former head of " Sepah Pasdaran"-

Speaking on Sunday in Tehran - Beheshti Medical School , Rahim Safavi warned in case of any " Sedition and revolt " before and after the presidential election , it will be strongly confronted with .
He warned those whom he called counter revolutionaries ,misleads and corrupt and said if they wanted to create "revolt and sedition" in Tehran and other city's , it will be strongly confronted with.He asked offices and organizations to take precaution measures from any internal and external revolt.


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