Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Another political prisoner have died inside prison in Iran !

Alireza Karami Khoramabadi a security political prisoner of the Islamic regime in Iran have died in the hospital on last Saturday.

While in coma , he was handcuffed & chained to the bed of Imam hospital for 10 days . Alireza was suffering from heart problem and in the past he had a bypass operation and the doctors had warned prison officials about his situation. Alireza was in Rejaei-Shahr prison.
Two Weeks ago in the last minute he was transferred to the hospital while was severely suffering from heart problem. Interrogators and torturers of the Islamic regime in Iran won't allow prisoners suffering from illness to be transferred to a hospital outside the prison unless it is the last minute. In the past many political prisoners have died while in custody including Zahra Kazemi ( the Iranian-Canadian Photo Journalist ) , Hoda Saber ( Meli Mazhabi political prisoner) , Satar Beheshti ( Yesterday MP's called interior Minister to come to the Parliament to answer question about his death while in custody) and many more.
Alireza Karami-Khoramabadi was accused of forcing an airline to take him to Iraq .While in Iraq , the Iraqi Government handed him to Jordan and after spending a year in Jordanian prison , the Jordanian Government handed him to Islamic authority in Iran,where he was sentenced to death, but later the sentencing was lowered to life imprisonment. Alireza Karami had spent 16 years in prison - He spent one year out of this 16 years in solitary confinement.

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