Friday, June 07, 2013

07 Days to Presidential Election in Iran ......Focus on Iran ....

3rd and last of 8 candidates debate just finished . This debate was and is the last debate and there will be no other television debate . This debate in its totality was different from the debate in 2009 election. In 2009 debate,candidates were allowed to seat one on one in studio with moderator controlling the time and candidates speaking directly to the nation.But In this debate the candidate were only allowed to answer questions raised by moderator of " Seda va Sima " ( Voice & Vision- Radio & Television ) of the Islamic Republic . Today's debate was all about internal and foreign policies.
Iranian people must not and should not bend to the pressures by the regime to dictate on what kind of  debate is better for the nation , instead people must impose their views and demands on regime . People must see if they are satisfied with this kind of debate imposed on them by regime or not.People must have enough information about the candidates and know their opinions on various issues they face in their daily lives, unfortunately ,this regime have created a kind of situation and a kind of election policies which limits knowledge and information about candidates and therefore people with limited knowledge go to the election . Although , there are rumors that, regime has and is engineering this presidential election too like the one in 2009.
In this presidential election more Iranian talk about not participating in this election.          

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