Wednesday, June 05, 2013

9 Days to Presidential Election in Iran - Focus On Iran Election....

Regime is afraid of airing debate from its " Seda va Sima" ( National Radio & Television) like in 2009 presidential Election !
1- After the first shameful debate planning ,writing and delivering by " Seda Va Sima " ( The Voice & Vision of the Islamic Republic ) and inviting the eight presidential candidates to the studio and airing it nationwide, the planning which was based on questions asked by moderator of the " Seda Va Sima " and responses of the candidates by just YES or NO with no explanation, not only it made the candidates angry including Mr. Aref who refused to answer the questions and kept silence , but it also angered Iranian people which was aired by " Seda Va Sima " after the debate . This debate was a joke and people started making joke about it and their critical views was a poke on the head of " Seda va Sima " executive Mr. Zarghami to rethink and re-write the 2nd debate which allowed the candidates to have more time and express their views on different issues.
2- The second debate of the eight candidates ,despite of controlling by " Seda va Sima" and limited time for candidate and lack on openness and direct debate of the candidates, brought more people to watch and hear what the candidates will say.
1- Ali Akbar Velayati - Adviser to Khamenei on Foreign Policy. Chance in being installed
2- Hadad Adel- Former Parliamentary Speaker and father in-law to Khamenei's son. No chance.        
3- Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf  current Mayor - Chance in being installed .
4- Said Jalili - Current National Security Council and head of Nuclear Energy delegate- Chance in being installed
5- Mohammad Gharazi - expert on oil industry - No chance
6- Hassan Rohani - Former delegate on Nuclear Energy - It seems he can get the support of reformists-But has less chance than Aref
7- Mohsen Rezaei - Former head of Revolutionary Guards and current member of Expediency council - No chance
8- Mohammad Reza Aref - Former minister in Khatami's Government - Has more chance to get the support of reformists ,students ,women ,workers and.......- He may create a wave of support on Election Day ...
09 Days left to Election Day.......

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