Sunday, June 02, 2013

Focus on Election in Iran - June 12...12 Days left ....

It was in the news -

1-that Ahmadinejad's Chopper had technical difficulties when he flew to visit road opening site.The business of rumors is hot these days .....
2- Bahonar ,deputy to parliamentary speaker today said: Ahmadinejad likes Jalili .....
3- Ministry of Information chief for not falling behind from other officials , in a statement today announced  that, his unknown agents discovered and arrested a terrorist team with 12 members, who were planning to disrupt the election on election day . The ministry named two individuals of this team and they are: Mohammad Heidari ( Who is accused of giving secret information to Israel ) and Koroush Ahmadi ( who is accused of giving secret information to US). The statement also announced, last year the ministry discovered a team of 13 members ( who were accused of espionage for Israel ) and the statement named Ali Ashtari as a spy for Israel , who was sentenced to death in 2008-2009.
4- Security agents disrupt the campaign meeting of Hassan Rohani ( who believe to get the support of Rafsanjani and Khatami ) at Jamaran. As a result the chief ( Said Alah -Bedashti) and deputy ( Mojtaba Hashemi) of his youth campaigning team were arrested . The others reported arrested are:
Mohammad Parsi, Shirin Mirkarami ,Mohsen Rahmani and several others.

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