Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Focus on the presidential Election in Iran !

Two Weeks more remains to the Election !
Following are making news ...

1- Hashemi Rafsanjani  (The candidate close to reformists & Green movement who was removed from the presidential candidates list by Guardian Council because of Age!!??) said :
 "One of the reason of my participation in the presidential candidacy - in the field of foreign policy was , to reduce religious animosity and to work on the unity & strength between Sunni & Shiite Muslim's. He also said: Those with extremist thoughts are now in the society ."

2- Said Jalili presidential candidate and believe to be the next Khamenei's candidate after Ahmadinejad in 2009. He is also candidate of extremists clergies like Mesbah Yazdi and " Jebhe Paydari"  :
"The thoughts of Basiji's must govern the Government offices."

3- Two candidates are left in the race who are believed to be closer to reformists 1- Hassan Rouhani 2- Mohammad Reza Aref . Now , since Rafsanjani is out of the list ,will the reformists like Khatami and Rafsanjani chose and support one of them at this last moment? If this happens ?! can it bring a wave of support from reformists and Green movement behind them ? Reformists are divided at present , some say: We must destroy the fundamentalists game in the election and create a wave behind one of these candidate by participation instead of doing nothing and letting the fundamentalists win the election like 8 years ago when Ahmadinejad became elected and other say : We must boycott the election in its entire and not to enter into an already engineered election ( election circus) .

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