Sunday, May 26, 2013

19 Days to Presidential Election in Iran .........

These are the news ........

1- Mohammad Reza Bahonar , deputy to the parliamentary speaker and head of the Association of Engineers:

"The future president shouldn't be a closed Watermelon." and the blood group of Aref and Rohani ( both presidential candidate and close to reformists ) don't match with us and the future president must do things that are emphasized by the leader."

2-Mohammad Gharazi former Oil Minister and a presidential candidate:
"Gashte Ershad " ( patrolling Police for Guidance) is the cause of inflation !? 

3- Mohammad bagher Ghalibaf - Presidential Candidate - Pictures Ghalibaf & Soleymani-
Ghalibaf :
"One of my great achievement was that, i met a great man and that is Commander Soleymani ( Head of Qods forces of the Islamic Republic)and whatever i learned , i learned from him and No one is as close as him to me in this world.We are encumbered in weakness on Management. "


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