Thursday, May 23, 2013

22 Days Left to presidential election in Iran with 8 candidates !

These are the Candidates:

1- Saeed Jalili - One of the fundamentalist candidate, current IR delegate leader on nuclear Issues and a " Shahide Zendeh " ( Living Martyr  - who lost a foot in Iran-Iraq War during 1980 's ) :

2- Aliakbar Velayati- Former Foreign Minister and current adviser to Khamenei:
"In 100 days i will end the inflation ." ????!!!!!!!

3-Hadad Adel-Former Majles( Parliament) speaker, father in-law to Khamenei's son and a fundamentalist-

4-Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf- 
Current Mayor of Tehran and former head of diciplinary forces of IR and he is also believed to the bloody suppression of student uprising during Khatami's Government :
" I will create a social government. Economical problem had broken people's back ."

5-Hassan Rohani - Former IR team leader on Nuclear Issues-

6- Seyed Mohammad Gharazi- Former Oil Minister :
" I do not have political tie with reformists and i didn't have any session with them."

7- Mohammad Reza Aref - 
"I 'm not in a position to speak about Rafsanjani on failing from the filter "

8-Mohsen Rezaei-
Former head of Sepah or Revolutionary Guards and current member of Expediency Assembly.
"I will change the direction of Foreign Policy ."???!!!! 

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