Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tehran Public Prosecutor: Two people have been Executed This Morning for Espionage !

Execution ,a fear mongering tactic by regime and ministry of information at the time of presidential election.

According to news ,Tehran public prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi said: Two people are executed this morning and their charges were espionage for US and Israel .

Those executed are : Mohammad Heidari and Koroush Ahmadi. They are charged with preparing reports, receiving Money and having contacts with Israeli and American spy services.
Mohammad Heidari is charged with preparing reports on security of the country and was giving this reports to Israeli security services and receiving large amount of money. Koroush Ahmadi also was charged with preparing reports and handing them to US security services.
Mr. Dolatabadi said: After investigation and with presence of defense lawyer and representative of public prosecutor ,the court of revolution found these people guilty and sentenced them to death and their sentence were approved by superior court of justice and this morning their sentence were carried on.

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