Thursday, May 16, 2013

Abbasali Kadkhodaei Speaker of the Guardian Council: On May 21 we will Announce the Names of Eligible Candidate who can then Enter into the Race !

ISNA news agency :

Abbasali Kadkhodaei speaker of the Guardian Council said: On May 21 we will announce the competet or eligibile candidates for presidential election.
From May 21 to June 12 there are 22 days left for the candidate to set up their election headquarter and start their campaign.
Unlike other democratic countries, Islamic Republic through time had shortened the campaigning time due to   possible fear of unrest among people supporting one candidate particularly the pro reform candidate.


Khamenei in his speech to Guidance Council, ordered the members of the Guidance Council in approving or filtering the candidates think of God and not the people."If hundreds of Million of people and if all the people of the world said something which was against "qoran" ( Muslim's Bible),you must stand and tell the word of God ,even if all will revolt against you."
Apparently there are conflict among the members of the Guardian council on filtering or approving the candidates and Khamenei  sent his advice to GC members to be kind to each other and stay united. Khamenei also asked candidates not to talk bigger than their mouth.
Cartoon by Nik Ahang Kosar - Khamenei: " Candidates please kindly not to speak bigger than their mouth."

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