Saturday, May 11, 2013

Are we Iranian going to see a more convulsive Presidential Election in Iran ?

The atmosphere among Iranian Society is already began to change with Hashemi Rafsanjani ( Candidate Close to reformists & Green movement ) and Esfandiar Mashaei ( Current Government Candidate ) nominating themselves today. Although the regime will not change if Rafsanjani's elected as president but the atmosphere is going towards convulsion and the nominees has already started speaking in a way it looks like threatening each others.
Will their be a peaceful or calm election days ahead ? There are fears that radical conservatives, those of "Jebhe Paydari" ( Resistance Front) " including Ahmadinejad & Mashaei's supporters may disrupt the election process .
For example:

Hassan Rohani a candidate close to reformists : "If some people will continue to use the word " Fetneh " ( Sedition ) , i have no choice but to speak about issues that i feel isn't time to speak about it. unfortunately not only the security condition of the country must changed , and at present the security condition of the university's must also be change . "

Ahmadinejad : "I'm sure my Government programs will continue in the next Government . "
Many believe Ahmadinejad's continued travels to the provinces and city's has an agenda for the coming election and a support for Mashaei.
Clashes were reported between Mashaei's and Qadiri Abyaneh's ( another candidate ) supporters at the election headquarter.

Ayatollah Jannati ( Head of Guardian council and an anti reformists / a radical conservative ) : "Some lack even bread to eat and at the same time, some with billions of dollars trying to buy the vote of people. We will deal with those who had travels for propaganda purposes."

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