Friday, May 03, 2013

Election Circus Islamic style in Iran !

42 Days have left till presidential election in June 12,2013 !

By looking at the news websites and the comments made by the current possible presidential candidates , it really looks like a circus. Really the Islamic regime officials think the Iranian people are that much fool to buy their nonsense.
For example :

1- Pourmohammadi a candidate said: "If i'm elected ,i'll expose the details about 450 Million Euro infractions in the city of Kish."
2- Ali -Akbar Velayati former Foreign Affairs Minister said: "I'm more experienced than other candidates. We have prepared an urgent program for the improvement of the livelihood situation."
3- Mohammad Reza Bahonar deputy to current parliamentary speaker : " I still support Ahmadinejad . "
In speaking with Younesi the intelligence Minister of Khatami ,i told him, we must close the door of the ministry of intelligence with mud if Ahmadinejad won't pass from its filter ."

4-Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf a former " Sepah Pasdaran " commander and current Mayor of Tehran :
"I will fix Iran's economy in two years .President can not make policy for foreign affairs ,because the final decision making depends on the leader."

5- Zakani a yellow reformist and an MP :  "Conspiracy of  Musavi and Karoubi was clear in 2009 presidential election ."
6- Hassan Rohani current head of Socio-Political commission in the Assembly of Expert :
" Based on my experience ,they call me a diplomat . We must prepare a foreign policy based on today's realities. If my Government confronted with problems ,i will surely explain to people and won't let any shortcomings."

These are just a few circus candidates for the presidential election in June . The brain of the Iranian people in the meantime is something like dynamite which may explode anytime with these election circus without any candidate to represent them and regime helps pushing for the explosion .    


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