Friday, May 03, 2013

Workers Rights to Celebrate May Day Rally under Islamic Regime in Iran denied ....

Labor situation under Islamic regime in Iran is inhuman !
While labor rights are human rights , violation of their rights continues under Islamic regime!
Article 27 of the Islamic Republic constitution guarantees peaceful rallies ! 
This May Day Islamic Regime in Iran didn't even allow the yellow workers organizations ( " Khaneh Kargar"  under Mahjoub's leadership  ) despite of their request and permission to Celebrate May Day and hold a  rally to express their demands.But ,the independent workers and their organizations , celebrated anyway, while under pressure and threats from regime's security forces not to hold for fear of arrest and detention .According to news , three workers from "United Transit Workers" were fired from their job. Workers in several city's in Iran including Kurdistan hold rally and demanded for their rights.
In these pictures ,workers in the city of Sanandaj ( in Kurdistan) celebrated the May Day and expressed their demands.

Imprisoned labor leaders also celebrated May Day in prison cells.
In another news Mr. Osanlou a leader of the "United Transit Drivers" who left the country a few months ago said: "I left the country because regime's security forces wanted to kill me " . Mr. Osanlou spent many years in prison in the past.


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