Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ahmadinejad continues creating tension by his rhetoric with other officials of the Islamic Republic at the time when Khamenei said ; creation of tension at this time is treason to the Islamic Republic !

According to ISNA:
Ahmadinejad in his tour of city's - in the city of Qom Said : "There are words that i will say it later " .
Link in Farsi:
Another paper reported him saying : " If God willing life left ,i have words that i will say it later.He then added : They have buried the money of the nation under ground and ......"

His way of saying makes many officials angry and many of these conservative officials including Khamenei who have supported him for years , now believe , he is creating problems for them and for the Islamic Republic and in the past ,time and time ,he showed that he is above the parliament and the constitution including the laws. In short , Khamenei and other conservative officials of the Islamic Republic who have supported him for many years created the Don Quixote & Frankenstein. No one knows what plan or project he has for the coming presidential election and some believe he may surprise everyone by Russian Putin style election by supporting the nomination of Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei ( the father in law of his son ) and one of his confidante.

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