Tuesday, April 16, 2013

7-5 / 8 measure scale earthquake shook the city of " Saravan & Kalpour" in Sistan and Blouchestan Province of Iran in the South East part of Iran today...

 Persian Gulf area was shaken twice this Week !
According to news, South -Eastern part of Iran once again was shaken by 7.5-8 scale measure Earthquake and Mr. Hatam Narouei the Governor of Sistan & Blouchestan province rejected about the casualties .

Earlier it was reported that 40 peoples have lost their lives.the Islamic regime officials do not want reporter to report the number of casualties and have asked reporter just to report whatever the headquarter of the crisis announces . Sardar ( Comander) Radan speaking with ISNA said: " In the primary stage ,the assisting forces are dispatched to the area to bring security and order."
Our sympathy with the people of Sistan & Blouchestan province !

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