Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mehman Parast Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic in Iran : About the claim on those arrested in Canada ,they did not presented any supported document .....

ISNA reported :
Mehman Parast Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , in response to a question about those arrested in Canada and the Canadian Government claim that these people had relation with Al Qaeda elements in Iran , said:

"About the claim on those arrested in Canada ,they did not presented any supported document. Thought of radical group particularly the radical Al Qaeda from the political and faith views doesn't go in accordance with Iran.We disagree with any kind of terrorism and assault which will endanger the lives of innocent people , our nation is the biggest victims of terrorism  and we would never encourage these kinds of phenomena."
The Radical Government of Canada in recent years put in its agenda the project of Iran - phobia and had followed hostility actions and because of these actions trying to connect these issue with our country. These  is because of the radical and incorrect behavior of the current Canadian Government ."
Link in Farsi :

Other Information:
However in the past Political prisoners released from Iranian prison claimed they have learnt that, Some elements of Al Qaeda were kept in special secured prison cells . It was also reported that some family members of Al Qaeda including Bin Laden Daughter were seen in Iran.

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