Monday, April 22, 2013

Power struggle among different factions in the Islamic Republic a reality !!??

Yesterday Ahmadinejad in his travel to Khouzesta province said: "They have sent me a message and told meif you get into over cheekiness ,we will make your life miserable."

Ahmadinejad in his tour of provinces among the people of Haftkal in Khouzestan province said: "They have sent me a message and told me, if you get into over cheekiness , we will make your life miserable ."
In Response to those who sent the message, Ahmadinejad Said : Well lets see, you are nobody and if we show just a small portion of each and everyone of your case file , you wouldn't have any place among nation."
The factions among Islamic Republic in Iran including Ahmadinejad's faction in presidential election race on June 12 is getting to a new stage.

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