Saturday, May 11, 2013

Presidential Election in Iran and the Candidates......

Picture shows Rafsanjani entering into the candidacy:

Ministry of Interior announced that , at the end of its four out of five days for nomination, 686 people and personalities registered their name as candidates . At the end of the five days ,the Guardian council has five days to investigate about the expediency of the candidates and an extra five days more research on the candidates before announcing who are eligible to enter into the presidential Election race.
-Picture : Ahmadinejad raises the hand of Mashaei as candidate:

Among the candidates who are all belong to different factions of the Islamic Republic ,these names  will be discussed more : Ali Fallahian( former Minister of Information and a suspect in the assassination of  hundreds of Iranian opposition abroad including Mykonos Restaurant assassination in Berlin ) ,Ali Akbar Velayaty ( Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and current adviser to Khamenei ), Hashemi Rafsanjani ( Former president and parliamentary speaker and possibly will receive the support of reformists ), Ghalibaf (Current Mayor and former commander of "Sepah" /Revolutionary Guard ) , Hadad Adel ( Former Parliamentary Speaker and father in-law of Khamenei's son ), Lankarani ( Ultra -radical Islamist and representative of " Resistance Front " and Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi their spiritual leader) and Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei (the current Government controversial candidate and the father in-law of Ahmadinejad's son) are among the candidates.

IRAN WATCH CANADA will start One month monitoring presidential election in Iran till June 12,2013.
We have now 34 days to Presidential Election.


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