Saturday, May 04, 2013

Islamic Regime in Iran continues its threatening words against any street rioting during presidential election !

Regime continues its threats and people are exploding like a dynamite !

Pages of newspapers and websites are full of threatening words by regime officials against any street rioting by people during and after presidential election on the coming June 12.
Picture s shows 2009 presidential election protests-

Newly imposed measure to curb the riot during presidential election according to websites includes:
1-Plan for moral security
2-Plan for social disciplines
3-The issues of Street Women
4-The secured houses for Corruption (prostitution)
5-Threat for confiscating people's car
6- Creation of voluntary police forces
7- The use of armed forces for hundred percent security during election.
8- Reducing the use of internet services to almost zero ,which even brought the issue to the parliament and controlling communication devices , in short total censorship .
The threat continues by summoning ,arresting and detaining the journalists,labor leaders and human rights activists in all over Iran including  Kurdistan and in the South . In recent weeks more arrest had been made by security agents of the ministry of intelligence .Regime continues targeting Bahai's , Labor leaders , journalists, newly converted Christians, Human rights Defense Lawyers and teachers .

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