Friday, May 17, 2013

Ahmad-Reza Radan deputy to commander of NAJA Spoke about " Makna " project in police stations ! "We promise people for a safe and secure election!

Ahmad-Reza Radan is deputy to the commander of NAJA ( The Islamic Republic Police Force). Speaking to the reporters on Thursday, Radan ( who has blood of Iranian people in his hands during street protest in 2009 election) spoke about " Makna" the new project of the police force. In this project, the police stations are going to become more "pleasing environment" and " Nice" to it's police forces and people and will try to make the station not a boring place. He also said:  "We promise people for a safe and  secure election! "

One may say: Like the last election in 2009 where close to hundreds of people were killed by bullets, people were thrown from bridge ( Hand cuffed or blind folded ), Police truck run over protesters, thousands have been arrested and in " Kahrizak " prison many young Iranian lost their lives and these all happened under their direct command .
No one will buy these garbage anymore.
Watch this graphic video and see what him and his forces did to peaceful protesters in 2009 presidential election!!!!??????

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