Friday, May 17, 2013

27 Days to Presidential Election in Iran. Election in Iran , People's Will Or Leader 's Will ?

Election in the Islamic Republic a circus ? Do people's vote matter? Does vote change anything ? Election in the Islamic Republic with many question marks????????????????

On June 12 Iranian people will go to the pole to cast their vote to elect a President. Iranian are divided on going to vote. One side believe election in this regime is a waste or a circus and everything is decided by the leader ( Khamenei) , like what happened in 2009 presidential election- when more Iranian people voted for Mir Hossein Musavi ( One of the leader of the green movement) but Khamenei ( the leader ) by cheating, installed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as president , This move ( coup ) angered Iranian and the following days, people started street protest by the millions which lasted several months and according to news, close to hundreds were killed with bullets of the regime militia's "Basij & Sepah" and thousands end up in jails including presidential candidates Musavi & Karoubi.

The other side believe that,a regime like Khatami will bring gradual reform, decreases tension between Iran and the rest of the world ,will open the society and many more people's short term interest like improving the economical situation of the country.

Now in this coming election Khatami ( the past two term president)is calling his supporter including people in the green movement ( Musavi's supporters)to vote for Hashemi Rafsanjani.
Will this time more people vote for Hashemi ? And will the leader stand against Rafsanjani if he wins or he will cheat the election again?
On top of that,Election in Iran is undemocratic, because of the influence of the leader or Guardian Council (installed by the leader) to filters the candidates.                  

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