Wednesday, May 22, 2013

23 Days to the Presidential Election in Iran . Hashemi Raftsanjani and "Esfadiar" Mashaei did not pass from the filter of the Guardian Council !

Finally it happened what shouldn't  have happened . Hashemi Rafsanjani's failed on elegibility !?? Although he seats as leader of the" expediency Assembly" of the Islamic Republic.
The Guardian Council chairman Ayatollah Janati  who is close to 90 years old, did not pass Rafsanjani for  reason of age ( of being 78 ).
Picture: Ayatollah Janati-

In the last two days, most Iranian were waiting to hear what the Guardian Council will decide on the fate of Rafsanjani and Esfandiar Mashaei?!! People unexpectedly heard that Esfandiar Mashaei the Government candidate despite of Ahmadinejad's effort with " Treat & Threat" did not go through the Guardian Council's filter , it also became true that, Hashemi Rafsanjani once one of the most powerful man of the Islamic Republic and the right hand man of Khomeini and one of the founder of the Islamic Republic failed to go through the filter of Guardian Council as candidate for the presidential election in June 12.
These last two days , regime put all its forces on alert. Night check points on the street were conducted .
And it shows that, on going presence of Militias in the streets will continue for sometime,as the society waits to see what would Rafsanjani or Ahmadinajd & Rahim Mashaei will do ? and what would be the end result of this election.

Now, with Rafsanjani is gone , The remaining choice for reformists and green movement are two weaker candidates who have passed the Guardian Councils filter and they are :Hassan Rohani and Aref .These two   candidates are "closer " to reformists.
Iran is going through one of its most important and dangerous part of history.
Reformists still think a peaceful transition to overcome the hardliners in the Islamic Republic.
It seems the hard liners were able to get closer to Khamenei or may be it is the other way around ,it was Khamenei who brought the hardliners close to himself to create a unique hard line Islamic Republic state.
Iran is on the transition , The role of people is very important at this stage to stand up against these " Circus" called election and to stand up against Khamenei's will to bring Iran into confrontation with west, ruining Iran's economy, to more crisis for Iran, to a possible war and secession of Iran, to more isolation of Iran in the world, to more devaluation of Iran's currency and to more poverty for Iranian.
Will the Iranian people stand up and fight? Easy to say ..... people living in Iran under constant threat and danger of being arrested must answer to this question.....

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