Wednesday, May 29, 2013

16 Days to the election . Another coup against the will of Iranian people !

Picture 8 candidates:
Khamenei is leading its regime to more radicalization ! 
Regime headed by Khamenei chose to make 2nd coup ( The first one 4 years ago against Musavi the presidential candidate)against the will or Iranian people by removing Rafsanjani from presidential candidate. This regime does not concern about the shame but staying on power with all its costs .It is now the will of Khamenei and his regime and dictatorship against the will of Iranian people's . Iranian people now must chose rather to let the regime and Khamenei to run the country the way it ran in the past 8 years with Ahmadinejad or to stop this entire regime with their 2nd attempt like 4 years ago.Iranian people always showed in the past  they won't allow their destiny and the country in the hand of Khamenei and his circle, instead they will find a way to show their real power which would be bigger than past one to crush this regime.Opposition must unit to organize civil society to encircle the regime with civil disobedience.

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