Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Focus on Election in Iran......

ON Election Day Iranian Borders will be closed !

1- Ali Abdolahi deputy to political- security of the Ministry of Interior said: During the election we will close all border entrances like what we did when we had the international conference of Non -aligned nations.
2-According to Mehr News agency , Head of Judiciary Power Sadegh Larijani said: "The candidates in their remaining days of debate shouldn't give green lights to the enemies of the Islamic Republic."
This is after what Khamenei demanded from candidates not to get involve on what may make the hostile nations and the opposition groups happy.

3- Ahmadinejad and his government during their 8 years running the Government have always played in the side of Khamenei and their hard line policies against reformists and the interest of Freedom Loving Iranian people.They did it with coup, threat , media closure, fear mongering , arrest ,detention and killing of close to hundreds of Iranian reformists .His continues threat is not against Khamenei and hardliner Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi and Jebhe Paydari ( Resisting Front - A hard line front ) but against the reformists candidates and wont be stopped until the day of election and after the election.
Iranian peaceful and freedom loving People, reformists and All in the green movement must focus and find a solution in the remaining days ahead till election and organize their social networking in all over Iran.


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