Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hamid Reza Jalaeipour: NO Reformists among Presidential Candidates !

Hamidreza Jalaeipour member of political bureau of the Mosharekat Party in Iran ( Mosharekat is a religious party and are pro -reformists ) and a journalist speaking with online network of " 25th of Khordad" or June 13 said:

"Although the reformists would want to participate in the election but after the removing of Rafsanjani from the candidacy ,there is NO reformist left in the race.According to " Nedaye Sabz online" it was a great shame for regime to remove Rafsanjani from candidacy ,because they knew they will fail and won't have much vote from Iranian people. Regime expected that Rafsanjani will get 30,000,000 vote of Iranian people from various sectors of the society even from " Osulgarayan" ( those insist on principle ) which would have created greater wave than the wave of protest in 2009 presidential election.Regime instead chose early coup and shame than facing with people's vote and another possible uprising the next day of election.The reformists concern is to solve people's economic problems and that's why despite of Rafsanjani's removal still want to participate in the election but we don't have candidate. "
He believe that,the reformists must now focus on organizing people to stop the regime instead of focusing on election.

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