Thursday, May 30, 2013

15 days to the Election - Focus on Election in Iran - ICT minister response to ISNA news agency on Filtering the internet: I'm following the order of " Online Internet Superior Council " !

Internet in the Islamic regime in Iran became Filternet !

1- Mr. Mohammad Hasan Nami Minister of Communication in response to a question by ISNA on filtering said: "We are following the order from  " Online Internet Superior Council " or Internet Watch Dogs .
ISNA reporter asked the minister ; don't you think the volume of filtering in the country could be less than what it is now? The Minister response was, we are following the order from  "Online Internet Superior Council " and you better ask them .
In recent months many websites were filtered by this watch dogs including " Serat" News website based on baseless accusation and serat's managing director said ,filtering "Serat" News website was illegal and we made a complaint against Mr. Khoram-Abadi the head of this watch Dogs , because of this complaint ,after six days the filtering was removed.


 Hadad Adel a presidential candidate said , if i'm elected :
"I will start an easy wedding movement in the country . " 

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