Thursday, April 03, 2014

A Group of Iranian Political Prisoners in a Letter to Doctor Ahmed Shaheed UN Human Rights Reporter on Iran : We Want You to be Our Voice !

A group of Iranian political prisoner in a letter which was received by Khodnevis website asked Ahmed Shaheed the UN Rights reporter on Iran to be their voice.

Excerpts from letter.
The letter reads as:
Our Main charges is because we have spoke against political incorrectness ,discrimination , injustices and because we have demanded political rights for all. We have demanded freedom ,equality and citizens rights of all Iranian.....
Mr. Shaheed , Iranian regime throwing hundreds of innocent Iranian into the prison brought lots of pain and suffering to prisoner families and have spread fear in the country. Regime has closed all legal channels for political activities, does suppress any people's demands,...........Our Request is that regime to let you and a team of truth finders to come to Iran and visit the prisons in order to meet in person with personalities , political groups, Political prisoners and the families of those have been executed.
We want regime to deal with us as political prisoners and follow our rights as political prisoners.


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