Saturday, April 26, 2014

An Iranian Lawyer : Public Prosecutor as judicial executive must interfare in to the Assault on political prisoners case !

ISNA News Agency-

Mr. Houshang Pourbabaei an Iranian lawyer speaking with ISNA news agency said: Public Prosecutor of the Islamic Republic must enter into the assault on political prisoners case , so that if the prisoners had committed a crime or if the prison guards have committed the crime will face the prosecution.

The rights of Prisoners are guaranteed in the rules and regulations of prisons. The law makers are trying to reduce the benefits such as  TV, newspapers, books , Radio , Internet , visitation rights, health & safety or....other services inside the prisons.
The prison officials and personnel must deal with prisoners based on by-law or law and regulations.
Article 169 By- laws of prisons says:
The prison officials or personnel must not use bad words , punishment , harsh behavior endanger the rights of the prisoners. And based on article 25 of the By-law , the head of the prisons must attend right away at any accidents in the prison and control the situation.
If an accident in prison had happened , based on article 30 the officer in charge must make a report about the situation and send the report to the officials. In subsection of the article 173 its been indicated that, any beating or assault on prisoners is violation of By-Laws.
The article 574 of the Islamic Punishment law says, If a prison official or guard punish the prisoners more than what was ordered will face prison from 6 months to three years imprisonment.
Therefore the prison officer must prepare his report based on prisoners comments or witness comments and then send it to the judiciary officials /public prosecutor to follow the case and take action against the violators of the law and punish the perpetrators - this is the right way to let the public to know about the situation.


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