Monday, April 21, 2014

Authorities are lying, after family members visited their loved one in Evin prison !

News about recent assault on political prisoners in Iran-

12 political prisoners from ward number 350 in Evin prison in protest to recent illegal assault on prisoners , violation of prisoners rights and denial of the events by the prison authorities , have started their hunger strike from noon time today Monda .
Those who are on hunger strike are:
Hasan Asadi Zeidabadi,  Amir Eslami, Akbar Amini Armaki, Emad Behavar, Ghorban Behzadnejad, Masoud Pedram, Amin Chalaki, Mohammad Sadegh Rabani Amlashi, Alireza Rejaei, Seyed hasan Ronaghi Maleki, Reza Shahabi and Mohsen Mirdamadi.

Yesterday 28 political prisoners in a statement to President Rohani explained the assault on political prisoners on last Thursday and called it painful and horrendous and demanded it be investigated by president and national security council. These prisoners said the number of people injured in the assault are more than 30 people .

Picture shows family members outside the Evin prison.
Since Thursday finally some of the family members were able to visit their loved one and with their own eyes saw the injuries their loved one endured and learnt about the lies of Mr. Pourmohammadi ( minister of Attorney General ) and Mr. Esmaeili ( Prison Authority ). The mother of Akbar Amini saw her son with broken head and neck , Mohammad Shojaei's sister saw her brother with swollen head & face and the others saw the prisoners with injuries like bruises, swollen faces  and...... while leaving the prison hall way ,the family members chanted " death to dictator " and " Alah O Akbar" , family members left the hall way while crying and with anger. Akbar Amini's mom lost conscience few time after seeing her son. The family members learned that Said Matinpour was beaten and as a result he lost conscience and the prison authority transferred him to solitary confinement . Few other prisoners are also transferred to solitary confinement including Soroush Sabet, Yashar darolshafa , Asadollah Hadi and Said Haeri.
According to news some family members also gathered in  front of parliament to protest against this brutalities .

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  • While the international community, as well as the Rouhani government, wish to focus on the nuclear deal first and foremost, the population in Iran is systematically repressed and rightfully looks to Europe to make sure they are not forgotten. These and other citizen initiatives in Iran, and with support of diaspora in Europe, deserve our support and attention. Instead of turning inward and focusing on our own elections, we must make sure the EU continues to be outspoken against the abuses of the rights of political prisoners and ordinary citizens

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