Friday, April 18, 2014

The Chief of Iranian Prison : I reject the Western Media News about Clashes in Evin prison between our personnel and the prisoners !

Saturday April 19.
There were no clashes in ward # 350 of Evin prison ,said Mr. Gholamhosein Esmaeili the chief of Iran prisons speaking to ISNA reporter.
" I reject the news from western media about clashes between prisoners and our personnel."
"We do inspect prison from time to time to collect illegal items the prisoners keep with them in prison , therefore there were no clashes , of course there were some resistance by prisoners but there were no clashes from our personnel towards the prisoners.

In another news Ali Motahari an MP from Tehran said: I have also heard about this news and the chief of prison organization must answer to the situation. I don't know why these measures were taken that some were injured and some were taken to solitary confinement and the prison official must let the family members of these prisoners know about their loved ones situation .May be some elements from Ministry of information have created this situation to make problems for the new government . therefore the judiciary power , the ministry of Information and attorney General have responsibility to respond to the problem and the President Rohani must defend the rights of its citizens. We will follow this case in the parliament and the authorities must let the families of these prisoners to meet their loved ones.


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