Friday, April 18, 2014

This Former East German , A communist and then Christian who had converted to Islam said: The Real Freedom is in Iran !!!!????

Ms. Veronika , an east German , a former Communist who became a christian faith believer but who have then converted to Islam recently and currently live in the city of Rasht in Iran , in speaking with Fars News reporter said; The Real Freedom is in Iran!!!!?????
Reported by Fars News agency :

Ms. Veronika who have just converted to Islam said:
In Iran the whole truth is being told to human and they are trained by that. In Europe there are no kindness and spirituality.
Ms. Veronika's new name is Maryam Fazeli and in a prayer in the city of Rasht she asked the Iranian women to  read the 12th Imam prayer for his return.
When someone says ,she is "more catholic than pope" is the story of this woman, she is now more Iranian than Iranian themselves, what a colorful woman!!!!

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