Friday, April 18, 2014

Political Prisoners Life in Evin Prison is in Danger .........

On Thursday Prison Guards together with Sepah Agents and agents from Ministry of Information attacked on political prisoners in ward 350 of Evin prison ,as a result 30 political prisoners were wounded and more than 30 were blindfolded and then transferred to an unknown location.
Those transferred are:
Abdolfatah Soltani (lawyer)
Mohammad Amin Hadovy
Mostafa Risman Baf
Said Matinpour
Behnam Ebrahimzadeh
Behzad Arabgol
Houtan Dolati
Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand
Mehdi Khodaei
Mohammad Davari
Mostafa Abdi
Gholamreza Khosravi
Abolghasem Foladvand
Mehrdad Ahankhah
Soheil Arabi
Reza Akbari Monfared
Asadolah Hadi
Amir Dorbin Ghaziani
Asadolah Asadi 
Majid Asadi
Soroush Sabet
Soheil Babadi
Ali Asgary
Davar Hoseini Vojdan
Said Hayeri
Samkou Khalghi
Yashar Darolshafa
Reza Hamyari
Mohammad Shojaei
Amir Rezazadeh
Political prisoners in Evin at present are on hunger strike and the reason for hunger strike is that, they want to know what happened to those who were transferred?
A witness to this attack said, those who attacked political prisoners were with plain cloths , some of them were interrogators and some were the guards , it seemed they have organized this attack , they had camera installed in different location in the prison to record prisoners reaction to the attack, they have said ,it was for inspection of prisoners belonging but they had another plan, they have beaten prisoners , as a result Mr. Omid Behrouzi had bleeding due to a cut on his blood arteries , Akbar Amini had cut on his head, Masoud Arab had broken shoulder, Esmail Barzegary had his ribs broken  Farshid Fathi had broken leg and Mr. Rejaei also was wounded due to beating.

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