Saturday, April 12, 2014

Iranian Oscar Winning Film Director Asghar Farhadi Asked Sarbandi's Family to Pardon Reyhaneh Jabari the Iranian Actress who is going to be Hanged on Next Tuesday !

A Day of Pardon...........Don't Send Reyhaneh to the Gallows !
Reyhaneh's Fate In The Hands of Victim's Family - 
Iranian Oscar winning film director Asghar Farhadi in an open letter asked Morteza Sarbandi's family to pardon Reyhaneh Jabari an Iranian actress who played in a film of Mr. Farhadi when she was a little girl. Reyhaneh Jabari in a self defense killed Morteza Sarbabdi more than 6 years ago. If the victims family don't pardon Rehaneh ,she will be hanged on Tuesday.
Mr. Farhadi in his letter wrote: If you pardon her, i will call that day as A Day of Pardon.

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