Sunday, April 06, 2014

Hashmatollah Tabarzadi and Mohammad Seifzadeh in a Statement to Iranian people: Lets Create a Strong National Social Human Rights Movement This Year !

Heshmatollah Tabarzadi a long time imprisoned political activist and Mohammad Seifzadeh a lawyer and human rights defender who are currently in prison in Rejaei Shahr prison in a statement to Iranian people called them on a national action for human rights this year . In the statement they have written that, regime has no other choice but to fulfill the people's demands . Despite of regime's will to make Iran a nuclear state which has nothing to do with people's will and put Iran in a dangerous position with the world but basic rights of Iranian people must become the focus of every Iranian to create a strong national social movement on human rights in Iran to push back the regime.


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  • There are major concerns about the persistent systematic violation of fundamental rights, the high number of executions and the restrictions on freedom in Iran. The country should release all jailed human rights defenders, political prisoners, trade unionists and those detained after the 2009 presidential elections, the resolution says. Iran’s Charter of Citizens’ Rights must also comply with its international obligations, namely when it comes to non-discrimination, banning torture and ensuring individual and collective freedoms.
    The EU should engage in an inclusive high-level human rights dialogue with Iran that would include the judiciary and security forces and the EU institutions must do more to empower and develop civil society within Iran,

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