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May Day Rally in Iran .....

Pic- Ebrahim Madadi
May Day rally in Iran under Islamic regime is banned. No labor movement is allowed to celebrate May Day under Islamic regime, despite of effort to get permission for rally by labor leaders , Islamic regime did not issue permit and called it illegal to make rally.
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But despite of ban on May Day rally , Iranian labor leaders called workers to a rally on Thursday in front of the Ministry of labor and around freedom square . Based on the news 25 workers were arrested by security & plain cloths agents and were detained . Among those arrested were Mr. Ebrahim Madadi one of the board member of the Bus workers union of Tehran and surroundings who was also beaten and Ms. Parvin Mohammadi and Mr. Shahpour Ehsani Rad members of Iran Free Labor Union.
Despite of fear for arrest Labor activists in the city of Sanandaj rallied on May Day but few of them were arrested by security agents after the rally
Workers rally in Kurdistan - Sanandaj
Few Pictures from Government sponsored indoor rally:
Labor Law Must be executed 
 Social Security must return to the past system.
Mr. Razavi a Labor Union activist speaking to Radio Farda said, we were planning to get together , distribute sweet and flower and celebrate May Day the international Labor Day but the Government of Mr. Hassan Rohani did not even tolerate a gathering of up around 100 workers. The labor statements says, plain cloths and intelligence agents together with anti-riot guards were gathered around the locations were the labor union were called the place to start the celebration.
This is happened while the Article 20 of the Human Rights charter and article 27 of the Islamic Republics constitution approves the gatherings for their rights.
Regime created its own May Day indoor gathering and president Rohani as speaker said: The labor Union must  be free and the workers should be allowed to speak about their needs and be able to communicate with authorities about their problems.
Workers call for their rights .
But ,in the Islamic Republic and under even Khatami or Rohani's governments , labor unions are not allowed to organize their own rally on May Day and celebrate May first the International Labor Day.


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