Sunday, June 01, 2014

Islamic Regime in Iran Hanged Gholam Reza Khosravi !

This morning despite of worldwide protest against this execution Gholam Reza Khosravi the 65 years old  political prisoners was hanged in Rejaei Shahr prison. Gholam Reza Khosravi spent 40 months in solitary confinement and under intense interrogations. Gholam Reza Khosravi had also spent 5 years in jail the early years of the Iranian people's revolution by Islamic regime.

What is it that this regime does not understand? Now , another Iranian child is without father !??

Their can't be word for what this regime has done for the last 35 years against the will of Iranian people and our country Iran.

What this Islamic regime brought for Iranian people are: More official Corruption...More Unemployment...More prostitution ... More addiction.......More political prisoners....More ......More.....

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