Thursday, June 26, 2014

Political Prisoner Latif Hasani on his 36 Days of Hunger Strike !

According to News Latif Hasani the Iranian political prisoner from Azarbayjan - Tabriz city is on his 36 days of hunger strike. According to his family because of the hunger strike he can't stand on his feet and his health is in great danger. He had lost 15 kilos and now weighs 56 kilos. His wife Ms Azam Piry complained against her husbands transfer from Karaj city prison to Tabriz city prison which makes it hard for family to visit him because of the distance.

He has been in Tabriz prison for a year now. Ms Piry said one of the reason for my husbands hunger strike is because the prison authorities don't separate political prison from criminals. She added: In the past also my husband was arrested and detained ( 2010) and he was kept in solitary confinement for seven months and he was kept on his feet for 13 days day and nights  and when he was released from Tabriz prison he had heart attack due to torture .
The other reason for his hunger strike is because he demanded for his transfer to Karaj city where his family live and regime agents to end harassing political prisoners family members.


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