Saturday, June 21, 2014

Rohani's Government doing nothing about Human Rights in Iran ....

According to a report by IRNA and Radio Zamaneh ,Public prosecutor of the city of Kerman announced its forces have arrested 11 cyber activists . These activists were sentenced in a kangaroo court from one to 11 years imprisonment. Yadollah Movahed the public prosecutor of the city of Kerman on Thursday said: These cyber activists were working on websites ,Facebook and were producing content for the opposition websites. The prosecutor did not mention about the name of those arrested in December last year but said, they were connected to the known " Narenji" website.
Nasim Nikmehr , Maliheh Nakhaei, Sara Sajadpour , Abas Vahedi, Aliasghar Honarmand, Alireza Vaziri,  Mohammad Hosein Mousazadeh are those arrested with regard to this website last year.
Narenji website was active about computer technology and it was very popular and received international awards.

Human rights violation continues under Hasan Rohani's Government . 
Rohani's Government main focuses are Sanction,Nuclear Energy talks, decrease tension between Islamic regime and western world  and improve the economic situation by selling more oil and bringing more revenue into the hands of corrupt Islamic regime officials.
Other than that, the violation of human rights under Islamic regime continues and as a result during Rohani's presidency 700 people were hanged , among them some minority political activists . currently there are close to 25 Iranian known journalists in prison and there are 1000 Iranian political prisoners who are mostly blogger or involved in human rights advocacy and ethnic rights.

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