Thursday, June 12, 2014

Environmental Protest Turned Political ..........

Young Iranian students from the city of Tabriz asked everyone to join them on last Tuesday in support of Orumieh Lake and against Regime's policy. On that day student from Tabriz University including people of Tabriz gathered around the university and chanted slogan against regime's policy towards environment, Orumieh lake ( which has become dry ). During the protest students chanted:
Rohani,Rohani ,where are your promises?
Fill the Orumieh Lake, Brake the Dams !!??
While protesting ,the anti riot polices clashed with students and arrested more than 20 people .
According to this report , in other city's like Ardebil and Khoy ( two other city's of Azarbayjan province)   regime's anti riot police went on alert against possible people's protest.
This Picture shows the protest in the city of Tabriz.


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