Thursday, June 05, 2014

President Rohani, Why Farideh Shahgoli an Iranian Lived in Germany after returning to Iran arrested and sentenced to three years imprisonment ?

A Facebook friend of Farideh Shahgoli through Facebook noticed that her friend Farideh after returning to Iran is arrested .

Farideh Shahgoli have lived in Germany for 25 years . She is married and has two kids. After looking at Facebook and onto Farideh's post , she noticed Farideh left a protest letter to president Rohani . Farideh was returning from Iran when she was stopped by the security forces and was summoned to a court and sentenced for three years imprisonment. She is charged with Facebook activities and propagating against the Islamic regime. Farideh's husband and two kids are living in Germany while Farideh is left in Islamic regime  prison.
In her letter to Rohani, Farideh wrote:
Before my arrest, my little child was very much eager to visit Iran,but now even for visiting his mother do not like to put foot into Iran. I have lived for more than 25 year in a non moslem country of Germany , unfortunately i have to say the injustices i have seen in Iran , i never saw in Germany. And by comparing my country Iran with Germany , i had more rights in Germany than my own country.


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  • The dimensions of gross human rights violations in Iran are expanding beyond imagination in every possible direction. The list is very long: torture and other cruel and inhuman punishments, arbitrary and often very long pre-trial detentions and extremely non-standard and unfair trials frequently based on vaguely worded charges often even used to issue and implement death sentences, execution of dissidents and juveniles and the use of death penalty for non-serious offences, growing discrimination against women and women’s rights defenders, as well as against all religious minorities and groups, and ethnic communities, suppression of all kinds of dissent and opposition, extremely heavy-handed crackdown on political activists and organizations of all hues and civil society institutions, increasing number of political prisoners and the massive pressures on them, denial of freedoms of assembly, association, expression and press, censorship of books and blocking of various websites and blogs

    Until the international community wakes up and links relief from economic sanctions to human rights improvements, then its willingly condones the continued inhumane treatment of Iran's people by this regime with more to come

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