Thursday, June 05, 2014

Islamic Regime Fear for a United Iranian Workers protest !

Islamic Regime so far has seen
1) Massive Iranian Student protest which shut down Tehran for 6 days during president Khatami's term.
2) Green Movement Protest , a mass protest in big city's all over Iran against presidential election coup in 2009 .
And now gradually workers are showing their strength by protesting against the regime's labor policy  and against privatization .
The pages of websites and news papers are full of news about labor protest for either their salaries haven't been paid for months, for unemployment and for their rights to have a union , or against Islamic regime's policy towards privatization.
Regimes response to these protest was unwise by arresting and detaining labor leaders Like Osanlou, Madadi and Reza Shahabi and many others .
Reza Shahabi who suffers from different illnesses is currently on his fifth days of hunger strike in prison.

Here is a protest by Iron Ore mine workers in the city of Bafgh.

More than 2500 workers of Iron Ore mine in the city of Bafgh stopped going to work in protest against privatization of the mine. They are in their 19th days of strike . Workers believe this mine is the only industry in the city and must remain publicly owned and not to be privatized .

Their are many other strikes including:
1- More than 200 Contract workers of city subways in Ahwaz are in strike  ,demanding their unpaid salaries for the past five months be paid.
2- More than 450 workers of Banir Dam went on strike for six days ,demanding their unpaid salaries be paid , they end their strike for the promise made by management.
 3- 270 workers of Metal melting factory in the city of Ardebil gathered in front of the ministry of labor office and protested against the closure of their factory. They have joined the growing number of unemployed forces in Iran.
The list of strike or protest by labor goes on and on......
Iranian workers under Islamic regime in Iran have no right to march on May first .

Mansour Osanlou is one of the well known Iranian Bus Union leader who is currently outside Iran .

National United Workers strike /protest, will it be the 3rd wave of protest or unrest Under Islamic regime in Iran ? 

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