Thursday, July 03, 2014

Eisa Saharkheiz Iranian Journalist : Wave of Hunger Strike in Iran and Our Lack of Information and Inaction towards Iranian Political /non political Prisoners !

That is what Eisa Saharkheiz an Iranian journalist and a past political prisoners said in his recent article.
Saharkheiz wrote in his article that:
While a wave of hunger strike is taking place in Iranian prison , we are but without any action just waiting to hear another prisoner will die and.........
He wrote: There are prisoner like Mohammad Nazari, a political prisoner with national security case -who have spent 19 years in prison and sewed his mouth for a hunger strike and demanded his case to be reviewed by a court. Mohammad witnessed the death of many of his colleagues.

Mr. Saharkheiz also wrote: I don't think the human rights organizations and human rights defenders around the world know How many  political prisoners are on hunger strike in and around Iranian prisons or how many political prisoners are  there in Iranian prisons?

He wrote: When i was in prison during the Islamic conference in Iran and when Ban ki Moon came to Iran, regime officials feared he might visit prisons or political prisoners and visit Musavi or Karoubi and Rahnavard !!!???? ( Iran Watch Canada: But why it didn't happen???!!! That was the least expectation from UN head to a country with many political prisoners and many executions and a country with top violation of human rights among other countries in the world).

Mr. Saharkheiz  wrote about those political prisoners who have lost their lives while in hunger strike and in prison like:
Afshin Osanlou
Mansour Radpour
Mohammad Mehdi Zalieh Naghshbandian
Alireza Karami Kheirabadi

Do We Care???!!!!


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