Thursday, February 05, 2015

A Mothers Request From Human Rights Organizations and UN Reporter in Iran About the Fate of Her Son !

According to a report by HRANA ( a  Human Rights Organization) an Iranian  Blouchi mother requesting from all human rights organizations and UN reporter about the fate of her son Mr. Sediq Bahramzehi An Iranian Red Crescent employee who was arrested in the morning of  Jan. 4,2015 together with close to 30 others in Nasirabad village near Sarbaz city  and there is no news what so ever about the fate of him and others since then. Balouchestan province is an impoverished province in the South of Iran close to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Their arrest came to a surprise when a member of Basij organization from the area ( a regime militia organization ) was assassinated .
The mother said:
It was in the morning praying time on Jan.04,2015 when the police forces attacked the house and arrested all the men including the cousin of my son , searched the rooms and took away their cell phones and when we asked where they are taking them , they answered for a few questions and since then we didn't hear from him.


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